UK wide delivery - Mattresses automatically included with all children's beds.

How it works

Choosing and paying for furniture shouldn't have to be difficult.  We have an easy solution to help you buy and pay for your furniture.  We believe in transparency and therefore tell you exactly how much you are paying before you sign up.  There are NO hidden fees, NO interest payments and NO credit checks to get things started.  A small deposit and the delivery paid is all we ask and then we combine the balance into small, manageable weekly payments.

Here's how it works!

Step 1:

Choose your items

Choose your desired product from our range & pay a small deposit today to confirm the order and reserve your item.

Step 2:

Make small payments

Set up your small weekly payments and after just 6 payments we can transfer your order* to our delivery team to arrange your delivery.

Step 3:

Arrange your delivery

After just 6 successful consecutive weekly payments, we are ready to take your delivery payment and arrange your delivery with you.

Step 4:

Relax and enjoy

Once you have had delivery, lay back and enjoy it.  We will continue to take your weekly payment until the contract is complete.

 It really is that simple.  Choose how much you can afford each week and then choose your furniture to suit your payments.

 A bit more detail to fully explain

If you choose your item, add it to the cart, enter your details & pay the deposit today.  Our aftersales team will then process your order and email you a link (within a few days) to set up your weekly payments.  The card details that you enter on the link will be used for your future weekly payments which will be taken automatically on the same day each week (you can change this day at any time by contacting us).

After we have received 6 consecutive weekly payments, the order will transfer to our delivery department.  They will process the order and should contact you (usually email) within a few working days of the 6th weekly payment to start arranging delivery.  They will request the delivery payment & can then confirm your order in their delivery schedule. 

You then continue paying the weekly payments each week until the end of the agreement. 


* Please note that if you are over our £24 per week limit then one item will be delivered as normal and the subsequent item(s) will require a further 4 weekly payments.  Monthly payments are due in advance which means we require 2 monthly payments before the order transfers to our delivery team.