UK wide delivery - Mattresses automatically included with all children's beds.

F A Qs

If you have any queries or questions, please get in touch with us. You may find it useful to have a look here first though as we may have answered it.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What size mattress do I need for my bed?
We refer to our beds as "Single, "Double" & "King Size".  Our mattresses will always fit our beds, but should you already have a mattress, the sizes that you should use are:-
Single - 190cm x 90/91cm
Double - 190cm x 135/137cm
King Size - 198cm x 150/153cm
*Please ensure that you adhere to our safety information with regards to the top bunk.  A thinner mattress must be used.

Where do you deliver to?
We have customers all over the UK.  We are happy to deliver anywhere within mainland UK.  If you’re outside mainland UK, send us a message and we’ll see what we can do.

How much is the delivery charge?
The delivery charge is clearly stated on each individual product page.  Just scroll down to the bottom of each product and it will detail the delivery charge for that item.  

I have made 6 weekly payments, what happens now? 
Once you have paid 6 weekly payments, your order will transfer to our delivery team.  They will then email you a link within a few days of your 6th weekly payment which is for your delivery payment.

I have paid my delivery link, what happens now? 
Once you have paid your delivery link, your order is ready for scheduling.  Our delivery team quote 5 - 10 working days for delivery.  They will need to schedule this in and will contact you once it has been scheduled.  This can take a few days, so you are not always contacted straight away.  They are generally quite quick, but will let you know once it is scheduled.

What is the interest rate? and how much are the charges?
NOTHING!  We do NOT charge interest and we do NOT have any hidden charges.  What you see is what you pay.

Is there a Credit Check on me?
No, we do not use a finance company and automatically grant you time to pay. We just ask that you find the weekly payments affordable and sustainable for the period of the agreement and have a valid debit card that matches the billing address that you enter so we can do an address validation check.

How do I make my payments?
You pay a small deposit today by card online, we then contact you to set up your weekly payments using a recurring debit card transaction or direct debit.  We will also contact you to take your delivery payment by card.

How quickly will you contact me after I have paid my deposit?
We aim to contact you within 3 workings days so that we can set up your weekly payments.  We will email you with details of how to setup your payments, but may telephone you to set them up if they are not setup within 5 working days of paying your deposit.

What day of the week does my payment come out?
We can set the payments up to suit you.  If you have a preferred day, then we will set the payments up for the day that you choose.

How many items can I buy at once?
We will automatically allow a balance for any bed and mattress combination.  If you require 2 items, we cap the total weekly amount due at £24 per week.  Therefore you would need to select items that bring your total weekly amount due to less than £24 per week.  If it is affordable for you to go above this, we will allow it but will delay delivery of one of the items by 4 additional weeks (the first item can be delivered as normal).  If you have already purchased an item and are looking to purchase additional furniture, we may ask you to wait until you have paid 12 weekly payments and then can start the process again on the new item.  For new customers we set an overall limit of £40 per week (anything over £24 will incur delayed delivery as per above).  For existing customers we take a case by case assessment based on previous payment history.

How long does it take for delivery of my order? 

Once you have paid your deposit, we require 6 continuous weekly payments to allow your delivery to be booked in.  Once you have then paid your delivery charge, we will arrange delivery with our dedicated delivery teams.  Depending on their schedule, this could take 5 - 10 working days to schedule the delivery with them.

When do I pay for delivery?

We require the delivery payment before we book your delivery in.  Once we have received 6 weekly payments your order will transfer to our delivery team. They will email you a link for your delivery payment ()usually within a day or two). Delivery will not be booked in until the delivery payment has been made and at least 6 consecutive weekly payments have cleared. 

How will I know when my order will be delivered?
Once we have received your delivery payment, we will book your delivery with our delivery teams.  Once they confirm a date we will email with the details.

Do we have to assemble the beds and furniture ourselves?
Yes, we arrange delivery of the items to you in a "flat pack" box.  Full assembly instructions are included, but you need to arrange assembly of the items yourself.  Any exception to this will be noted on the product page when you are placing your order.

Do I have to pay weekly?

Our experience has proven that the majority of our customers prefer paying weekly on a day that suits them.  If it is more convenient for you to pay monthly, then we are happy to accommodate.  We just need to ensure that monthly payments are taken in advance rather than arrears of where you would be if you are paying weekly.  The same is true if you would like to pay every two weeks, we are happy to accommodate you.

I can't afford my payment this week?  What do I do?

If you struggle to make a payment, or think that you are going to struggle, please contact us as soon as you can.  If you know that a payment is going to default, then it is best to contact us straight away so that we can work something out with you.  We are very reasonable and understand that things happen in life that do not go to plan.  If you do not contact us to make an agreement, then the contract goes into default and could lead to our debt recovery process.  This could mean that you receive a County Court Judgment against you and be visited by a County Court sheriff upon us being granted a successful judgment. By contacting us as early as possible, we will be able to structure your payments accordingly. 

Are there any early repayment charges?

NO, we do not charge any interest or fees so what you see is what you pay.  If you would like to increase your weekly payments or pay your debt in full, then the outstanding balance will just be recalculated accordingly.